Sandro Rosell

A native of Barcelona and known from Madrid to Mumbai, Sandro Rosell is the current president of FC Barcelona. In 2003 FC Barcelona held presidential elections. During this time, Sandro Rosell acted as senior advisor to Joan Laporta. One of the things that is he is most well-known for, however, is introducing Ronaldinho to Camp Nou during the same year as the presidential elections. Sandro Rosell is also close to the manager of the team, Tito Vilanova.


Sandro Rosell

A native of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell is the current president of FC Barcelona.

Sandro Rosell has been a supporter and done a number of things for FC Barcelona. One of his main efforts included an attempt to bring British football star David Beckham over to the team. Sandro Rosell was quite confident that Beckham would join them, however, this failed to happen and Beckham decided to join Real Madrid, Barcelona’s rivals. Due to the snub that Beckham gave, Sandro Rosell did his best to bring Ronaldhino over to the club. There was already a lot of competition there, however. Manchester United were keen on getting the Brazilian star to join them, so Rosell had his work cut out for him. In the end, Ronaldhino decided to turn to FC Barcelona during the time of the Premier League. There are many reports which state that this was done due to the friendship between himself and Sandro Rosell.

While Joan Laporta was FC Barcelona’s president for a while, it was soon Rosell’s time to shine. After not feeling confident about it, Rosell eventually replaced Laporta in 2010. Before becoming president of the football club, Rosell was known for becoming an outspoken critic of Joan Laporta. He claimed that nearly all areas of the football club had just descended into anarchy. Rosell also claimed that this anarchy was poorly managed. As a result of this, Rosell now uses his presidency in order to try and reform the club. His aim was to create a new way of managing things at the club. He previously claimed that Laporta did not use a democratic or a transparent means of management. Looking at the mistakes that Laporta made, Rosell decided that it was time to put his own skills to the test and see what could be done for FC Barcelona.

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