Carles Puyol

Carles Puyol is arguably one of the best players in the history of football. He plays for the FC Barcelona and has a solid reputation of being the team’s backbone. Carles has been a complete match winner for his team, and his role as a defender has been one of the most promising ones.

Carles Puyol is a shaggy-haired defender who plays wonderfully on either of the flanks. Born on 13th April, 1978, this player hasn’t missed any of the international tournaments since the World Cup 2002. Due to his exceptional skills and versatility, he has had an illustrious career so far.

He was 17 years old when he joined Barcelona’s academy and since then, he hasn’t looked back. He started out as a rightback expert, but ended up being one of the most amazing defenders the country has ever produced. Carles Puyol claimed his first trophy at the Camp Nou and then he followed it with a Champions League Double. He was at his career peak during the 2010 World Cup, as he won several games for Spain during this time.

Carles Puyol

Carles Puyol is arguably one of the best players in the history of football.

Puyol’s Strengths

Carles Puyol is a man who boasts of an incredible amount of stamina and strength. His good anticipation skills make him one of the most sought after players in the team. According to his opponents, he is an obstacle to reckon with when he gets into his groove. His exceptional leadership qualities can also prove to be a strong asset for his team.

Career High

Carles experienced the peak of his career during the 2010 World Cup when he got the chance to lift the coveted trophy for his team. n fact, it was Puyol’s header that sealed the team’s place in the finals.

Style and Facts

Carles Puyol is a selfless, dedicated, passionate and a no-nonsense player. As a Catalan, he has represented his country on a number of occasions.


One of the things that can go against him is his lack of pace. Experienced players can, therefore, end up exploiting his weaknesses on several occasions.

Besides being a very good football player, Carles Puyol is a wonderful human being as well. He has won a Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit, which clearly showcases his commitment towards the game. On the personal front, Carles Puyol enjoys an unobtrusive life and lets his game do the talking!

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