Camp Nou

Camp Nou has been the home of FC Barcelona since the early fifties. The stadium is located in Barcelona, Spain. Most of the matches which are played at the stadium are organised by UEFA. In terms of size, the stadium is currently the largest in Europe.

Matches held in this stadium are both at senior and international levels. There have been a number of famous individuals who have already played at Camp Nou. The likes of Ronaldhino and Barcelona’s president, Sandro Rosell, have helped to add to the colourful history that the stadium already has. Due to its large capacity, the stadium is undoubtedly one of the most popular venues to hold a match.

Capacity for Camp Nou has varied throughout the years. At present, it is possible to hold 99,786 people in the stadium. Throughout the years, capacity has changed between 106,146 and 121,749. A lot of the time, the capacity is also going to depend on who is organising the matches. Various years have also increased or decreased the amount of people that the stadium can hold, depending on what seats will need to be used.

One of the changes to Camp Nou took place in the eighties. This is when FC Barcelona decided to open their club museum here. “Face lifts” were given to the stadium in the early nineties as well, in order to polish it up and improve its look. FC Barcelona wish to give the stadium another remodelling session during the fiftieth anniversary of the stadium.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou has certainly left its mark on many peoples' minds.

Camp Nou is of course used for a number of other events as well. Pope John Paul II was present at the stadium when he celebrated a mass which included over 121,000 people. A number of people have also held concerts at the stadium. Among them was Julio Iglesias, whose concert was praised in a number of ways. Many people saw the event as magical. Camp Nou has certainly left its mark on many peoples’ minds. There is no doubt that the future of Camp Nou is sealed with the immense value that is gives.

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